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+Preschool Basic Parent Program Resources

Note: the Preschool Basic program was revised in 2008, with readings from the 3rd Edition of “The Incredible Years: A Trouble-Shooting Guide for Parents” added in 2019.

Agendas & Checklists for Preschool Basic Program
Prevention Protocols for Preschool Basic Program
Preschool Basic Appendix - Updated 2019
Preschool Basic Handouts - Updated 2019
Preschool Basic Core Vignettes for ADHD (ages 3-6)
Parent Collaborative Process Checklist (rev. 2019)
Parent Group Leader Collaborative Process Checklist (5-point scale, Editable)

Handouts & Extras

Basic Parent Pyramid (handout size)
Large Poster Available for Purchase (also available in other languages. See price sheet.)

Preschool Basic Parent Certificate Of Completion
Parents as Coaches: Handouts (3)
Coaching Record Sheet
Reading with CARE with Preschoolers
Puppet Play Tips and Examples For Parents And Teachers
Refrigerator Notes On Screen Time (ages 2-6)
Refrigerator Note on Promoting Healthy Lifestyle
Responding To Dysregulation And Teaching Children To Self Regulate
Schedule Cards
Schedule Cards (Color)
Thought Cards For Parents
Strategies for Reducing Stress
Preschool Basic Handouts & Appendix (Oct. 2014)

Language Versions

Chinese Parenting Pyramid (Traditional)
Chinese Parenting Pyramid (Simplified)
Dutch Basic Parent Pyramid
Norwegian Basic Parent Pyramid
Basic Parent Pyramid (Spanish)
Basic Parenting Pryamid (Tagalog)
Basic Parenting Pyramid® (Arabic)
Preschool Basic Handouts French (Canadian version - updated)
Preschool Basic Handouts (Dutch)
Preschool Basic Handouts (Russian - Updated)
Preschool Basic Handouts (Welsh)
Preschool Basic Handouts (Spanish - Spain version)
Preschool Basic Handouts (Spanish - Latin American version)
Preschool Basic Handouts (Swedish)
Preschool Basic Handouts (Norwegian)
Preschool Basic Handouts (Chinese)(Traditional Chinese/Mandarin)
Preschool Basic Handouts (Portuguese)
Basic Program Handouts (Danish)
Preschool Basic Handouts (Finnish)
Preschool Basic Handouts (Estonian)
Preschool Basic Handouts (Slovenian)

Pre-2008 Language Versions

Preschool Basic Handouts (Cambodian)
French Handouts (Preschool Basic)
Preschool Basic Handouts (Vietnamese)
Preschool Basic Handouts (Russian)
Basic Self Monitoring Checklist, Spanish
+School Readiness Program Resources

These two school readiness programs dovetail with the BASIC Preschool Parent Program and will provide parents with more experience and practice with child-directed interactions designed to promote children’s social, emotional and academic competence.

Agendas & Checklists for School Readiness Program
School Readiness Program Appendix
School Readiness Handouts (Child Directed Play)
School Readiness Handouts (Interactive Reading)
Integrating School Readiness with Preschool Basic Program

Language Versions

School Readiness (Play/Reading) Appendix (Welsh)
School Readiness (Play/Reading) Handouts, Sessions 1-3 only (Welsh)

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