Experts in Action

Group leaders and clinicians who have received the initial training workshop for the Basic Parenting Program will find these supplemental materials for the parenting programs an invaluable resource for furthering their group leadership skills. These DVDs can be used for self-study or viewed with other group leaders and used as a trigger for discussion of group leadership skills.

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Experts in Action: Parent Group Leader Workshop Training Samples

experts-action_pp-facilitators-trainingThese 8 DVDs are an opportunity for group leaders who are implementing the Incredible Years Parenting Program to see the developer discuss her theory and rationale for the collaborative methods and processes underlying the successful group delivery of this program. The DVD clips show Carolyn Webster-Stratton modeling how to mediate video vignettes, do benefits/barriers exercises, buddy buzzes, pull out principles, and set up role play practices. She explains how to work collaboratively with parents and tailor the program to the specific population being addressed so that it is meaningful and targeted at their goals. The DVDs are also for IY peer coaches in their work with new group leaders, IY mentors for review and study of their training workshops, and administrators and clinicians interested in the methods and content of the Incredible Years programs. View full description and view video clips from this program

Experts in Action: Parents and Babies Program

experts-action_babies-groupThese DVD videos show certified leaders conducting live parent groups of the Incredible Years Parents and Babies’ Program. These DVDs show examples of Session Five, Parents Learning to Read Babies’ Minds, and Session Seven, Babies Emerging Sense of Self (6-12 months) with parents and their babies. The 3rd DVD shows interviews with parents discussing their experience in the group.

The leader’s guide includes reflection topics to aid group leaders in developing their skills and collaborative leadership strategies. The manual also offers commentary on topics related to: baby proofing one’s home, developmental milestones, putting babies to sleep at night, feeding babies their first solids and parents seeking support for their parenting efforts.

Experts in Action: Parenting Groups

experts-action_parent-groupFour DVD videos showing certified leaders conducting actual live parent groups of the BASIC Incredible Years Parent Program. These DVDs show examples of group leaders conducting the Limit Setting and Handling Misbehavior Programs (sessions 7, 9, 10 and 12) with parents of children ages 3-6 years.

A leader’s manual includes questions to think about in regard to the group leader’s skills as well as Dr. Webster-Stratton’s interpretation of the collaborative leadership skills being shown.

Experts in Action: Cross-Cultural Parenting Groups

experts-action_parent-groupTwo DVDs of live sessions from the Basic Program showing how to most effectively incorporate interpreters into your group sessions. Sessions shown are “Play” and “Ignoring”.

A leader’s manual includes questions to think about in regard to the group leader’s skills as well as Dr. Webster-Stratton’s interpretation of the collaborative leadership skills being shown.

Experts in Action: Sample Home Visit Coaching

experts-action_pp-home-coachThis 2 DVD set shows how the Home Visit Coaching program is delivered in the home. The first DVD provides examples of the first home visit which includes how to explain the program to a parent, goal setting, mediating video vignettes with children being present, setting up practices sessions and introducing a new topic.

The second DVD shows a coach covering the persistence coaching topic by showing vignettes, involving children, and setting up practices based on the parent’s goals.

Delivering the Home Coaching Program: Group leaders who have received training in the 3-day BASIC parenting program and have had experience delivering this group-based program can use this home coaching model. We recommend that group leaders take the Incredible Years supplemental 1-day training and have on-going consultation from an authorized IY mentor if they are planning to use the home coaching model.