Hosting an Incredible Years® Training Workshop

Download both the Tips PDF below (includes registration form, evaluations) along with the file for the workshop you are hosting.
Tips for hosting a workshop

Baby Parent Group Leader Training (age 0-1)

Materials for Baby Parent Group Leader Workshop (5MB)
(updated 10/2015)

Basic Parent Group Leader Training (ages 2-8)

Materials for Basic Parent Group Leader Workshop (19 MB) 
(updated 09/2016)

Autism Parent Group Leader Training

IY Parent Autism Workshop Handouts (5MB)
(updated 02/2016)

School Age Basic Parent Group Leader Training (ages 6-12)

Material for School Age Workshop (20MB)
(updated 7/2016)

Advance Parent Group Leader Training (ages 9-12)

Material for Advance Program Workshop (updated 11/2012) 8MB

Classroom Dinosaur Child Group Leader Training (Prevention)

Materials for Classroom Dinosaur Group Leader Workshop(updated 10/2015) 10MB

Small Group Dinosaur Child Group Leader Training (Treatment)

Material for Small Group Dina Leader Workshop
(updated 1/2017) 9MB

Teacher Classroom Management Group Leader Training

Materials for Teacher Classroom Management Workshop
(updated 9/2016) 8MB

Play & Reading (School Readiness) Parent Group Leader Training

Material for Basic Play and Reading Workshop
(updated 5/2012) 6MB

Preschool Supplemental Training

Materials for Preschool Supplemental Training (1.5 MB)

School Age Supplemental Training

Materials for School Age Supplemental Training

(updated 10/2016)

Parent Home Coaching Training

Home Coaching Workshop Handouts (4 MB)

Parent Group Leader Consultation Day

Materials for Parent Consultation Day

Child Group Leader Consultation Day

Materials for Child Consultation Day

Teacher Group Leader Consultation Day

Materials for Teacher Consultation Day